Offered Services

Dairy Industry

Malted Milk, Milk Powder Dairy Whitener, Evaporated Milk, Liquid Milk Processing, Baby Food Formulation, Sweet-ed Condensed Milk.

Food Processing Industry

Instant Tea, Egg Powder, Instant Coffee, Herbal Extraction, Soy Milk/Powder,Starch, Glucose & Its Derivatives, Refined Iodized Free Flowing Salt.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Yeast Plant, Tannery Plant, Edible Oil Refineries, Textile-dyeing Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Bulk Drag Manufacturing Units.

Fruit & Vegetable Industry

Fruit Juice Powder, Tomato Paste/Ketchup, Coconut Milk Processing, Fruit Juice Concentration & Aroma, Recovery Plant.

Other Field Of Specialization

Textile Machinery (Recondition), Auto Bricks Machinery, Chocolate Candy Machinery, Ice Cream Make Machinery, Printing And Packaging Machinery.

For Other Industries

Vegetable Dyes Plant, Herbal Extraction Plant, Detergent Powder Plant, Gelatin (Edible/Industrial/Pharma), High Temperature Solvent Extraction Plant.

Tatco Project Implementation
Tatco Project Implementation
Planning, Installation, Commission, Operation.